Spring 2008

Pilot Mentor Program designed to retain teachers in high need areas begin research phase.

Fall 2008

All cooperating teachers for student teaching candidates/interns must participate in both Level I and Level II training workshops.


VDOE expands the clinical faculty grant requirements to include collaboration with research-based school mentor programs; Roanoke College joins the consortium; need to engage more of our cooperating teachers with clinical faculty activities, experiences, and recognition.


National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) requires training of cooperating teachers


VA Legislature allocates $300,000/year to statewide clinical faculty programs

  • Partnership members:
    • Higher education institutions: Hollins University, Radford University and Virginia Tech
    • Roanoke Valley school divisions: Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Salem City, Botetourt County
    • New River Valley school divisions: Montgomery County, Giles County, Pulaski County, Floyd County
  • Purpose: to enhance the quality of student internships in pre-service teacher education via a collaborative effort by:
    • Developing the attitudes, knowledge and skills of supervising teachers related to teacher preparation and assisting the novice teacher
    • Promoting a partnership between highly trained and professional clinical faculty in public school and higher education personnel;
    • Effecting closer collaboration between school divisions and teacher preparation programs in colleges and universities
    • Developing a professional network that includes electronic exchange, that enables and encourages on-going communication among teaching interns (student teachers), clinical faculty, and administrators in schools in higher education personnel involved in teacher preparation; and,
    • Engaging clinical faculty in experiences that will enhance their abilities to articulate what they know about teaching and learning so that they not only assist pre-service teachers in their development, but also have begun the preparation to become mentor teachers or to become a National Board Certified teacher.


VA Department of Education (VDOE) funds first clinical faculty initiative; Hollins University and Virginia Tech led initial effort with Roanoke Valley and Montgomery County School divisions

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